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Does Deep Cleaning the Gums Hurt?

Posted on 10/30/2016 by Doctor Southard
A patient about to receive a deep cleaning.
If your periodontist or dentist diagnoses you with gingivitis, it is highly likely that he will recommend deep cleaning in order to remove the plaque and tartar that have accumulated on your teeth and below the gum line.

This process is sometimes referred to as scaling and root planing, and it is essential in order to get rid of bacteria and to stop gum disease from progressing.

What Happens in a Deep Cleaning Procedure?

With deep cleaning, two major things take place. First, the dental tartar is removed from the surfaces of your teeth, and this is the scaling portion. Secondly, the root surfaces will be smoothed out, and any infected tooth structure will be removed, also referred to as root planing. If gum pocketing has been experienced, your dentist will also remove tartar deposits that are hiding out in those locations.

Will the Procedure Hurt?
Many people are nervous about deep cleaning procedures because they are worried about pain and discomfort. The level of discomfort that you feel will depend on the severity of irregularity on the root surface and how deep the pockets have gotten. However, your dentist may first numb the area to make you more comfortable, and if you are nervous about pain, talk to your dentist about what options might be available.

If the pockets aren't very deep, you might not experience any discomfort, even without numbing the area. The only thing you may feel is a scraping sensation along your teeth as your dentist or hygienist cleans and levels the area. The end result should be a clean tooth and a root surface that is free of tartar, allowing the gums to heal and reattach.

After your appointment, you may experience a little discomfort, but over-the-counter pain medications should take care of that quite easily. If you have additional questions or concerns, be sure to contact our office for a follow up appointment.

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